About us

For people… and for Nature

“Moravsko Selo” complex started working in 2007, when bio and eco were not commonly used words in Bulgaria, and producing your own food was considered quite a lonely occupation. On an area of 14 acres, 1100 metres above sea level we created one of the first family held hotels with a focus on organic production, sustainable farming and environmentally-conscious way of life. From then on to this day we continue in our efforts to grow and improve the space around us without doing any harm and without changing its essence.


The four houses of the complex can accommodate 40 to 60 guests. For larger groups we can offer additional accommodation options. You can organize your wedding, family event, team building event, seminar or nature school here! It would be our pleasure to be your kind hosts. We will give you special attention and will be glad to share your memorable moments.

The Farm

The permanent residents of our farm are a little horse named Etna, two cows, chickens, ducks, kitten and dog. They live undisturbed and in immediate proximity to us. We take care of them, and in return they give us milk and eggs. Etna lets us ride her when she is in the mood. We are expecting her to have a baby soon, so at the moment we try not to bother her. Touts and some carps swim in the fishpond. In the greenhouses and out in the open space we grow various fruits and vegetables, according to the season – tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, kohlrabi, beets, radishes, cherry tomatoes, herbs, apples, pears, strawberries, raspberries and many more. All of them are grown according to the environmentally friendly methodology –permaculture, without being sprayed with chemicals or synthetic fertilized.

BIO Restaurant

The capacity of our restaurant is based on that of the guest houses, and there you can try delicious, traditional, homemade and healthy recipes prepared with organic products from the farm. We have Wi-Fi on the territory of the entire complex, but you will most probably not need it, since the surrounding nature predisposes to reading books, talking with friends and a complete detachment from everyday life.